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Decode the ocean! - 7,8 & 9 February 2022

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Atlantic Ocean Microbiome Challenge As part of Blue-Cloud HACKATHON synergy with AtlantECO:

Challenge 1B - How might we tap on available environmental and molecular data to predict changes in ecosystem services provided by the Atlantic Ocean Microbiome? View More


Challenge 1A - How might we map hotspots of plankton diversity and identify geographic gaps in our knowledge using currently available plankton data sets? View More

Teams are expected to map metabolic pathways of the marine microbiome that are relevant for the prediction of ecosystem services in the Atlantic Ocean, e.g. carbon fixation or the biosynthesis of pharmaceutical compounds. The objective is simply to test the Blue Cloud environment and its “Plankton Genomics” Jupyter notebook that offers niche modelling and mapping tools.

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