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Under the Sea


7, 8 & 9 February 2022


Colouring Book

A wonderful colouring book that sparks fascination on the marine communities of microbes

Atlantic Ocean Microbiome Challenge

As part of Blue-Cloud HACKATHON synergy with AtlantECO:

Challenge 1B - How might we tap on available environmental and molecular data to predict changes in ecosystem services provided by the Atlantic Ocean Microbiome? 

Teams are expected to map metabolic pathways of the marine microbiome that are relevant for the prediction of ecosystem services in the Atlantic Ocean, e.g. carbon fixation or the biosynthesis of pharmaceutical compounds. The objective is simply to test the Blue Cloud environment and its “Plankton Genomics” Jupyter notebook that offers niche modelling and mapping tools.


Challenge 1A - How might we map hotspots of plankton diversity and identify geographic gaps in our knowledge using currently available plankton data sets?

Marine Microbiome Roadmap

Marine Microbiome

We are on the threshold of a new and exciting era of discovery in the oceans that will shape the development of human endeavours for decades to come.

For further information open the roadmap.

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Three Thematic Pillars

... all supported with underlaying cross-cutting elements

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Environment and Climate

The marine microbiome will be at the heart of understanding ocean ecosystems and the sustainability of the services they provide to society


Food Value Chain

The marine microbiome will be key to securing and facilitating sustainable production of food from our oceans



The marine microbiome will propel biodiscovery, providing new sources of value to society


Cross-Cutting Challenges

Addressing cross-cutting challenges will unlock the potential for a microbiome-based blue economy, leading to high quality food products, biological discoveries, and healthy marine ecosystems

A Journey to developing the
AORA Marine Microbiome Roadmap (and beyond)

An informal session on Friday 24 September at 14:00 UTC. Join us here: 


An Ocean of Values


The World Microbiome Day was celebrated on 27 June 2021

On World Microbiome Day we celebrate all things microbial, all around the world. We introduce international microbiome researchers to the public to raise awareness of the vibrant and diverse world of microbes and invite the public and industry professionals to share their thoughts and activities with the microbiome community.




The Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation

A shared vision of an Atlantic Ocean that is Healthy and Productive

"This cooperation may result in mutual benefits including ecosystem assessments and forecasts and deeper understanding of vulnerabilities and risk, including those relating to the global climate system and climate change impacts. It can also help to generate new tools to increase resilience, conserve rich biodiversity, amage and determine social, environmental and economic priorities". (May 24, 2013)


Marine Microbiome
Side Event

The event was held on 2nd of June. 

Below is the agenda and the panel members that participated in the sessions. 

104 participants joined the Event - statistics here

Summary on pledges - here

Everything about microscopic life is terribly upsetting.
How can things so small be so important?

Isaac Asimov