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Marine Microbiome


“The Science We Need For The Ocean We Want.” [1]


We are on the threshold of a new and exciting era of discovery in the oceans that will shape the development of human endeavours for decades to come. New insights on the significance of the microscopic scale of ocean life has shown this level affects almost every aspect of our lives (health, food, industry, ecosystems). For society’s future, we need to investigate the science of marine microbiomes, integrate the novel technologies discovered and initiate policies that foster truly sustainable marine development.


[1] Vision statement of UN Decade of Ocean Science

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Teach your children about microbiomes

Have fun with the microbes created by the Icelandic illustrator

Ran Flygenring

Why do we care about microbiomes?
Shawn Robinson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Exploring Microbiome


 Beautiful  Microbiome

Although microbes are invisible to the human eye, these small creatures are considered a hidden treasure for human society.